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Trispero - What If? - Hope.

What if the key to our future was hidden within some of our most disenfranchised?

This is the idea that spurred an orthopedic surgeon to write a book that is meant to broaden our perceptions of what we value in society.

Inspiration Years of believing that to be better people we have to look inside ourselves has prompted Sean Adelman to put his deepest feelings into a story meant to inspire. Trispero is at first a love story, second about discovery, and third about how we see ourselves.

Expectations Writing Trispero was a difficult journey for Sean. Science was the easy part. The story is fictional, yet every effort was made to make the science based as closely to reality as possible. The hardest part was to display, for the world to see, his feelings. Specifically, for how the loved ones in your life can change the direction of your life in a way you would have never predicted. Before we have children we want to believe that we will proceed in the direction we have sought not realizing that our children will push us through life. Raising the expectations of those around us for the benefit of all.

Believe Our job in life is to create memories for our children, to show them all we can. Show our children how to be a positive influence on the world. Enjoy the journey, for Trispero is just that, a journey.