Eximius – Volume 1

Eximius Volume 1

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Eximius – Volume 1

What if humanity was going to be judged through the eyes and hearts of our most disenfranchised?
What if the court of humanity’s future was to be held in a special education classroom?

Fortis is a descendant of a powerful race called the Vigilum. They have been tasked with policing the Galaxy for many generations. Fortis has been chosen for the most important assignment of his career. Earth, a fertile planet with a young civilization is on the brink of interstellar travel. Humanity may be too volatile to be welcomed into the Pacem Coalition.Happy, who has Down Syndrome, is to be Fortis's guide to humanity.

Happy and her friends will learn that Down Syndrome, Autism, and Cerebral palsy does not make them powerless. Great power comes from within and great heart allows you to wield great power with responsibility and conviction. Fortis will judge humanity through the lens of a special education classroom.What the Vigilium and Fortis don’t know is that another race has their eye on Earth. The Anguis are a race of nomads with no planet to call home since they have destroyed their own.

The Anguis know that the Earth is being judged and that if Earth fails the Vigilium will not protect them. The Anguis are dark creatures who can manipulate humans and their goal is to manipulate humanity to their own destruction.Be prepared to be drawn into a story that will redefine how you think about superheroes. Nothing worthwhile comes easy and no one knows that better then Happy and her friends. Can they help save the world and convince the Vigilum that humanity is worth saving?