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“Sam’s Top Secret Journal–book 1–We Spy” is a fun, middle reader, chapter mystery that happens to have a main character with Down Syndrome.

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The reason for the book is multi-facited.

1.  Inspire,   trying to inspire families touched by DS by showing what can be possible

2.  Inclusion,  showing class mates, siblings, teachers what can be possible

3.  Fun, a fun story just for the stories sake


Here is the rest of the information about Sam’s Top Secret Journal

Sam’s Top Secret Journal – Book 1: We Spy by Sean Adelman
Join Sam as she embarks on her first big adventure in this middle-grade mystery full of fun, suspense…and just the right amount of spying!
Sam is a middle school girl living a normal life–except when she is occasionally bullied for the differences kids perceive in her. Sam has Down Syndrome. But Sam is just like any of her friends. She likes to play basketball, perform in community plays, gossip about boys at lunchtime, and write about life in her top-secret journal. Plus, her Uncle Alex is coming home from Iraq soon, and with so much to do, there’s hardly time to dwell on anything except getting reading for his visit!
But when curious occurrences start to disturb her community, Sam’s carefree life suddenly becomes dangerously serious. A shady man in a trench coat has stolen donuts from the bake sale, money is disappearing from donation jars at the farmer’s market, and worst of all, her friend Michael has gone missing and could be in real danger. Together with her gadget-savvy little brother, John, Sam is determined to solve Seattle’s most recent set of mysteries. With Sam’s big heart and John’s quick head, nothing can go wrong! …Right?
With much more at stake than donuts, her adventures have only just begun!
Sean Adelman is a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Seattle, Washington.  Sean is an advocate for exceptional kids and enjoys his free time with his lovely wife, Susan, and his three children. When he’s not busy being a dad, surgeon, and author, he can be found running or playing classic rock and roll on his electric guitar.


Older posts:

We wanted more families to find “Sam’s Top Secret Journal” so we ran a contest to Win an iPad.  Dev loves her iPad and there are soo many Apps for education, communication, fun we thought it was a great fit!

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Dev Drawing the winner

The contest involved answering a simple question from the book and sending us contact information.  From all of the entries Dev got to draw a winner!  Drum roll please…..  Valerie and Josh were the lucky winners!

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Josh loves the iPad!

Thanks to all that entered!  Please share the “Sam’s Top Secret Journal–book 1– We Spy”.  Book 2 “The Lost Puppy” is scheduled to be out this summer!

We are celebrating International Down Syndrome Day of March 21′st!

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The contest will start Monday March 4th and end April 17th 2013.

Enter the contest by sending  in your answer to the question:

“How did Sam describe her dad after trying out his new bike in their driveway on his birthday?” from the book Sam’s Top Secret Journal, book 1- We Spy.

coverfinal4 Book
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Send your answer in by responding here in the comments, email to or message me on RaiseExpectations Facebook page,   Don’t give away the answer on the main page, but message me icon smile Book

All correct answers will be entered into the drawing.  To win you must come from a household that has at least one child under the age of 16 or a household with a person who has a developmental disability.  All answers must include contact information in the event they win the contest.  We reserve the right to independently verify the household information is within the guidelines of the contest already stipulated. We will be awarding one Ipad (500$ value!) to a contestant who will be randomly drawn.

Get your copy of Sam’s Top Secret Journal by clicking on this link:  Sam’s Top Secret Journal. Sam’s Top Secret Journal can also be downloaded on Kindle, borrowed from the Seattle public library or purchased from any independent bookstore!

Join us in celebrating National Disabilities Awareness Month!

And International Down Syndrome Day 3-21!