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Looking in the Mirror

Catching sight of your self in the store window can sometimes wake you up. What do I look like to others vs what I look like to myself. And more still what do I look like compared to what I think I look like.

We just found this great teaching video about DS done by the Kansas City DS Guild.

Our family enjoyed it, we decided it would be great to send on the teachers, principle, coaches at Dev’s school. They also thought it was well done and thought it would be a great thing to show their student population through “mentorship classes”. The school strives to be inclusive and has a variety of kids in a variety of settings. Yeah! Lots of great stuff right.

Almost as an after thought we decided to share it with Dev, after all she is an expert when it comes to DS, right… Dev knows she has DS, like she knows she as blond hair and girl parts. We have talked about how it may be harder for her to learn new things, or say certain sounds; how she is super flexible and very empathetic as being related to DS, but not overly so.

9.9 times out of 10 when I see Dev I see Dev, I do not see Down Syndrome. 9.9 times out of 10 when I head to store I’m not thinking about the jean’s and t-shirt I have on… But when I get to the store what do others see… When Dev gets to school/on the bus, what do others see…

Every morning when I get up I do not think about how blessed I am to wake up in a bed, warm, with food in the fridge. I also do not think about being challenged by my serious need for glasses or my constant disorganization. I get up put on my glasses, and get going on the day. Dev is the same. She does not get up each day and say “oh yeah, I have DS, I need to work on… today” She just gets going.

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Open Heart, Open Mind

After Dev watched the video, she stated, “ I have 47 chromosomes” (yep), “cool”. Then she said, “I need to find a friend with DS, because they make great friends”. She sees herself as the person able to be a good friend to a person with DS, as well as the person with DS. She identifies with both sides of the picture. I think that is remarkable. I what more people to see the world from the possibilities point of view, and open their minds and hearts.

To order the film or to donate to this great program follow this link:

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